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Welcome to Reenators.eu

My Name ist Michael,
my Side is about History and Reenactment.
This Page ist written in German, and started in November 2010.
So im working on it and i try to get a useable english Version as soon as possible.
In Moment you find a Google-Translator at the Sidebar.

I have good Friends in England, Norway, Netherlands and Danmark,
i hope that some People from all over Europe will find this Page
and look back for News.


One Response to English

  1. Jagjit on Mai 16, 2012 at 12:05 am

    , the battle retmacenents seem to be along the lines of the “Theatre of the Absurd”. They consist of ranks of mostly older, many overweight men standing in static formations, facing their opposing ranks maybe 40-50 yards apart in open fields blazing away at one another amid clouds of black powder smoke. Every now and then a soldier falls while the one standing next to him is glancing at his watch. The battle ends and a dozen or so “dead” reenactors get up and go have lunch. In reality if the battle conditions outlined above were real, there would be 100% casualties and the battle would last about 15-20 seconds.

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