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What a Tube !

November 18, 2010

38 cm cannon of the ‘Bismarck Class <produced to upgrade the Gneisenau
Issued in Hanstholm, Denmark.

Impressive when one stands before it, really.
Who wants to travel to North Jutland can get information here:

Hanstholm 1

The battery was probably with 4 guns and 4 x 38 cm 17 cm
10.5 cm and several guns and Flak
and battery with 600 men occupying one of the largest land-based batteries of all time.

The one pictured above was not running from Hanstholm, only identical.
He was found in Copenhagen on a railway land and put up here.

When I first was there, this was not the case.
What a surprise when I came the second time.

A model of how the guns were set up:

And so two of the positions seen today pending (2 are buried):

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